• "Throughout our Company's 40+ year history we have been involved with multiple construction projects of either brand new facilities or sizeable expansions to support our growth.  The E. E. Austin team was by far the most professional, best organized, and all-around best firm to lead the construction of our most advanced medical-focused production facility.  Our state-of-the-art building was completed right-on-time and it will enable us to continue to provide industry-leading cleanroom medical molding capabilities for our global medical OEM customers for decades to come.  Without question, E. E. Austin has earned its place as our "preferred, go-to" construction partner for our Company's future construction projects."

    Industrial Plastics Executive

  • While at a local hospital I went to security to get a visitors pass.  I was wearing an Austin jacket and they asked if I was with the construction group.  I told them I work at Austin but was not part of the on-site construction crew.  The security officer wanted me to know what a great job Austins was doing during the transition. They were not being disruptive in the hospital while doing their job efficiently.  He asked that I pass that along.    

    Hospital Security

  • “Your superintendent was fantastic!  We’re hopeful another good project will be coming up that EE Austin can participate in.  His expertise and demeanor have been crucial to keeping the team on the right course.  We had a toast to him and EE Austin at a cocktail party this weekend, unfortunately he was unable to attend.  Great work!  Thank you!”

    Director of Operations

  • “We have a great contractor. The cream of the crop as far as builders.”

    Business Owner

  • “We are receiving positive feedback daily. Thanks to everyone for working hard to deliver a quality renovation project. Your crew did an excellent job on the carpentry work.”

    Operations Manager

  • Austin did an incredible job. I have to bid, but wouldn't if I didn't have to. They handled problems before we knew they were a problem - simply because they knew what we wanted.

    Erie Hospital Executive

  • I commend E.E.Austin & Son for the extremely satisfactory execution of the construction for our parking garage. This organization managed a most difficult project in a highly professional manner.

    Engineering Consultant

  • We've been working with Austin for about three and one-half years and they've done at least eight jobs.I know their quality and I have a comfort zone with them.

    Forging Company Executive