Why choose E.E. Austin & Son, Inc.?

E.E. Austin & Son, Inc. is a company with a rich history of providing quality construction for over 100 years. Our company has grown and prospered from a foundation of personal integrity, technical competence and consistent quality.  We are clearly a company you can choose with confidence.

Confidence is extremely important when it comes to making the kind of financial commitment that is required for a large scale building project. Whether it is a brand new construction project or a renovation project, choose your general contractor with confidence - choose E.E. Austin.

  • Professional business practices
  • Excellent working relationship with subcontractors and local building trades
  • Self-performance of a large portion of the work
  • Project Estimator is also Project Manager with few exceptions
  • Post-job reviews to identify areas of success and areas for improvement
  • Excellent safety record
  • Large bonding capacity
  • Superior buying power

Please feel free to check with any of our clients and/or the Architects and Engineers with whom we have worked to assure yourself of the professional working relationship and quality workmanship provided by E.E. Austin & Son, Inc.