Safety Comes First


At E.E. Austin, safety practices are a primary concern. We have developed and implemented a thorough safety program that ensures our employees, and sub-contractors alike, return home safely each and every day.

Our company prides itself on involving employees in all safeOsha Challengety-related matters. Employees are encouraged to voice their safety concerns to ensure that our policies are developed to fit their safety needs. Our Safety Committee is comprised of management and members from each trade we employ, and gathers input on the conditions encountered on our jobsites. Employees across our company are very responsive to safety matters.

E.E. Austin also takes pride in being the first graduate of the OSHA Challenge program in our region. It is a great honor to not only have a compliant program, but also a nationally recognized one.

As a company we truly believe that all injuries are preventable. We aim to achieve this through our safety-oriented planning, detailed training, weekly tool box talks, clean and orderly job sites, and our detail oriented superintendents.

If you work with E.E. Austin, you will see for yourself that safety comes first.